Marietta Ductless Mini Split

So, you want to add on to or remodel your home or business but don’t want to purchase an entire new heating and cooling system.  We have a great solution for your dilemma. Installing a ductless, mini-split heat pump will not only save you the hassle of revamping your entire heating system but is an affordable, easy installation option as well.

Installing Mitsubishi mini split units only.  We only service Mitsubishi mini split units we have previously installed.

Ductless Air Conditioners

Advantages to use of a mini-split system are that they are small and flexible and can be used to heat or cool individual rooms. Zones can be divided into up to four indoor air units, connected to just one outdoor unit, each room with its own thermostat for energy savings and energy bill savings. And, since these small units can be installed with just a three-inch hole in your wall to connect the outside unit to the inside units, you don’t have a lot of messy or costly construction to put up with.

Also, mini splits don’t require the installation of ductwork so you avoid that installation cost in addition to the energy losses that are associated with central forced air system ductwork. These systems offer you the advantage of a variety of lengths of connecting conduits so you aren’t restricted to where you can place your outdoor unit. In fact, you can place the outdoor unit of your ductless mini split unit up to 50 feet from its corresponding indoor evaporator, offering you some very appealing options with this type of HVAC add-on option.

Mini Split A/C Units

One of the few HVAC companies experienced in the installation of ductless mini-split HVAC add-ons, our Marietta HVAC service company can have your new system up and running in no time. We’ll assist you in determining which type of ductless mini split system is right for your residential or commercial property, give you a reasonable estimate of the work to be done, and promptly schedule your installation.

Next time you want to update or add on to your residential or commercial HVAC system, contact our Mini Split specialists, and let our talented HVAC specialists assist you in the installation of your new ductless mini-split HVAC system.


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